Caring for people and nature

Jewelex Agri has made a commitment to take care of the needs of the 90 associates who are employed in the plantation and the nature. Jewelex ensures that everything they do conforms to the standards recommended by the central environmental authority

Supporting local communities

We have also partnered up with the local community and continuously help the local school and the temple close to our property.

Protecting the wild

The surrounding areas of the plantation which are part forest and part national wildlife reservations, are home to wild elephants, leopards, peafowls and many other species. We have taken steps to ensure that neither the animals or their habitats are affected negatively by the plantation and its operation.

Safeguarding the waterways

The farm adheres to agricultural best practice and was certified as SL-GAP compliant by the Dept of Agriculture in November 2019.

The land is maintained in keeping with sustainability, soil conservation standard and the preservation of large trees and the non-obstruction of natural waterways. A suitable reservation for the nearby Niyandagala Tank, employ measures to ensure that waterways are not polluted and minimize the impact to surface and ground water on extraction.