What’s special about our mangoes?

  • TJC is a special variety of mangoes unique to Sri Lanka. It's grown between the footfalls of Sri Lanka’s central hills and in the south of the island. 
  • These mangoes are the largest juiciest mangoes in the world and are rich in taste.
  • The average weight of a TJC mango is 500g.
  • These mangoes are marketed in the leading supermarkets and also exported to many countries.

More About TJC

TJC can easily be identified by the beautiful golden yellow unblemished skin. It has excellent flavor, low fibre content and smooth flesh. TJC uniquely has a small seed and ripens slowly taking an average of 100 days.

TJC is well adapted to the dry zone. The existence of this cultivar could be identified as a new variety having distinct properties when compared to the other Sri Lankan mango varieties.